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Getting the perfect evening dresses that would fit a woman is not easy. This is always the problem when one is looking for the custom made wears that would give a perfect fitting. One would be running to different shops till she gets one. The same problem would be encountered when one decides to order for it online. One would search hard to get the dresses that would give that perfect fit. This is the reason most people prefer the tailor made dresses to the custom made ones. Although, it could be argued that the custom made dresses are cheaper and more accessible than the tailor made ones and white masquerade masks yet there are several advantages of tailor made dresses over custom made ones. 

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It Gives Perfect Fitting to the Body

The most important of all the advantages is that the tailor made dresses give perfect fitting to the body because it was sewn with the body measurement of the user. If it would fit the body better than the custom made ones it means that it would be more beautiful than the custom made ones as well. The essence of buying dresses is to give the person perfect fitting. In this sense tailor made dresses are better than the already made ones especially for the women.

It is the Best Option for the plus Sized Women

Moreover, there are some women who would never get their sizes from the already made dresses. These are the plus sized or the plump ladies. It is always difficult to get custom dresses that would match their size. The best choice for such women is the self made dresses. The tailor will measure them and sew their clothes. The plus sized women would always go for the self made dresses because that is the best option available for them.

It is the Best for Special Occasions

Tailor made dresses are also the best option for special occasions such as weddings. There are hardly custom made dresses that could be used for such occasions. Wedding dresses like gowns and suits are better prepared by tailors after taking the measurement of the user. Self made bridesmaid dresses are in vogue these days.

It is more Convenient

Getting the tailor made dresses are more convenient as it is hassle free. One does not need to meet the tailor physically to take the measurement. Many tailors especially the good ones offer their services online. One only needs to send the measurement and design she wants and that would be done in a matter of days. The person will get the dresses designed according to his or her requirements. It is always very simple to order for tailor made dresses online. Many of the tailors have catalogues from where the person would make a choice of the style, design, size as well as the shape of the clothes she wants. She would also have the opportunity of choosing colours as well as colour combinations for the dresses she wants. Once the measurements are accurately taken, the tailor would deliver the dresses according the choice and specifications. It may take longer time to be delivered than the custom made dress but the advantages far outweigh the time it would take to arrive.